How to Play

How to Enter a Tournament

1. Select a Game

On the Game List Page scroll down and select the game you want to play.

2. Select a Tournament Category & Type

On the Game Page, select a Tournament Category (Practice, Free, Head-to-Head or Prize).

The Free or Prize Tournament categories allow you to select from Limited Entry or Sprint Tournament Types.

To play a practice game click the PLAY NOW button above the tournament selection boxes.

3. Select a Tournament

Choose a tournament by clicking the blue "View Details" button.

4. Enter the Tournament

Start the game by clicking the "Play Now" button.
For older computers, for instance those running Windows XP, use a FireFox browser and Click the "Click Here for Unity Version." This will display an orange Play button.

Tournament Categories

Prize Tournaments

Prize Tournaments are special tournaments that you can use Game Tokens to enter and the winnings add to your Prize Ticket Balance when you win.

Free Tournaments

Free Tournaments are free to enter and the winnings go into your Promo Token Balance. These tokens can be used in special sweepstakes or redeemed for game tokens when available.

Head-to-Head Tournaments

Head-to-Head Tournaments are 2 seat tournaments that you can create and personalize. After Creating a tournament, challenge a friend or another TG Player to see who will take the victory. Your opponent will be sent a challenge invitation and the tournament is open for 7 days. In the event that your opponent does not accept your challenge, your entry fee is refunded back to your game token balance.

Practice Tournaments

Quick Play Tournaments are games that allow you to practice and learn how to play the games and do not require entry fees or pay out prizes. They are practice versions of the games.

Types of Tournaments

Limited Entry Tournaments

Limited Entry Tournaments are tournaments with a set amount of seats available. When the set number of entries are filled, the tournament ends and the highest scoring player is awarded the prize.

Sprint Tournaments

Sprint Tournaments are tournaments that are won by hitting or passing a specific target score. When the target score is achieved, the tournament ends and that player is awarded the prize.

Head-to-Head Tournaments

Head-to-Head Tournaments are 2 seat tournaments that are open to anyone to compete in. These fast paced player vs. player competitions are much like the Head-to-Head Challenges, but do not require a challenge invite for entry.

Mega-Winner Jackpot Tournaments

Mega-Winner Jackpot Tournaments are fast paced tournaments where there can be up to a hundred winners. Win prizes for each placement you qualify for in the tournament standings. Multiple Winners & Multiple Prizes!

Challenge Head-to-Head Tournaments

These tournaments are special 2 player tournaments that either other players have challenged you to play or that you have created and challenged others to. They still last for seven day just like the other Head-to-Head Tournaments but only the player who sent the challenge and the player that was challenged are allowed to enter the tournament.

Viewing Your Challenges

You can view and enter into your current open Challenge Tournaments on the My Challenges page. The Head-to-Head Icon at the top right of the screen will take you to the My Challenges page.

Each tournament will be listed with the Username of the player who created the challenge first followed by the username of the player that was challenged.

Creating a Challenge

1.Select a Game

The Create Challenge page will allow you to select a game for your challenge.

2. Choose an Entry Fee

Next select the entry fee. In the event that one player in a challenge does not play their entry, any entry fee paid for that tournament is refunded when the tournament closes after 7 days.

3. Select an Opponent

You can select an opponent by:

  • Clicking a Player's Username in the Opponents List
  • Typing in a Player's Username
  • Typing in an Email Address of Someone You Know*

*Use this option to invite friends who are not registered with TG.

4. Personalize & Send

Then simply type in a personalized message that will be sent to the person you challenged in their Challenge Invitation.

Click Send Challenge and your challenge is instantly created and an invitation sent to the person that you challenged.

Tournament Games Virtual Currency

Promo Tokens

Promo Tokens

Promo Tokens (PT) are a virtual currency. Use them for entry and get them for winning any Free Tournaments. They can be redeemed for special entry into TG promotions and giveaways.
Click here to read more about Promo Tokens

Game Tokens

Game Tokens

Game Tokens (GT) are a virtual currency. Use them for entry into Prize Tournaments. You get them by making a purchase and they are added to your Game Tokens balance.
Click here to read more about Game Tokens

Prize Tickets

Prize Tickets

Prize Tickets(PT) are the prize you receive by achieving 1st place in any closed Prize Tournament.